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Green Globes whole building certification is a science- and consensus-based certification system that evaluates environmental sustainability, health and wellness, and resilience of all types of commercial real estate. It is a federally recognized, user-friendly assessment and rating system that uses a collaborative and educational approach to improve building and portfolio performance.



The anticipated BCTR for the Solera line of glazing is 20-24. This number could be lowered to 5 by producing Solera using an etched pattern on surface 1 to virtually eliminate the reflectivity.




The Solera line of products are designed to assist in meeting all daylighting requirements. Diffuse daylight will penetrate deeper into the building’s interior and cover larger areas of floor space with less glazed area. Daylight modeling can be used to demonstrate compliance:

  • For buildings two stories or less above grade: a minimum of 50% of the total combined floor area is in a daylight area.

  • For buildings three or more stories above grade: a minimum of 25% of the total combined floor area is in a daylight area.


Assessing Energy Performance


The Solera line of products can assist in three ways:

  1. Solera engineered light diffusers have very high insulation levels ranging from R3 up to R25 to reduce undesirable heat gains or losses.

  2. Solera can significantly increase daylighted area which can reduce energy consumption for artificial lighting.

  3. Solera can assist with passive solar heating by bringing in glare free light that will not require mechanical devices to reduce discomfort glare. The mechanical devices reduce glare by blocking light that could be valuable for passive solar heating.


Exterior Views

Solera helps to preserve views by eliminating glare and thereby eliminating the need for shading devices that actually block views.


Thermal Comfort

The Solera line of products can be used to manage solar heat gain to make it easier to achieve ANSI ASHRAE 55 goals.

Also, the rate of heat loss can be drastically reduced by using extreme insulating glazing materials like the Solera line of products.


Noise limit criteria

The Solera line of products can be configured to have exceptional STC (50+) and OITC ratings.