Here's How SoleraWall® Helps You Create Great Buildings:

•  Significantly lower cost than legacy glass systems

•  Self-supporting and frameless - eliminates cost, thermal bridging, and construction complexity 

•  Dramatically improved system U value (up to 5x)

•  Faster build times

•  Lower labor requirements

•  Mix and match unit with vision and engineered light diffusion

•  Seamless visual appearance - no mullions on the interior


When you're trying to create a building filled with natural light there are a lot of boxes you have to check. SoleraWall® lets you easily create the great building you want while exceeding all your usual technical constraints. But even better, it does it at a lower cost. Sounds interesting? Keep reading.


Creating a great building filled with natural light is challenging given the many constraints that you face in architecture. Energy efficiency is more than just a goal, it's now a mandate. You need to meet your aesthetic goals. Occupant comfort is a function of the quality of daylight that your design provides. And to top it off, you need to do this within even tighter budgets.

At Advanced Glazings Ltd., we help architect's design great buildings for their clients. We created SoleraWall® so you would have a building block that checks all your functional and technical requirements. But best of all, it does all this for a lower installed system cost than conventional curtainwall or other legacy glass systems.


Grab the slider below to see the difference SoleraWall® makes.

Standard Vision Glass<span>SoleraWall<sup>®</sup></span> Insulated Glass Daylighting Units


System Construct Details

SoleraWall detail images


Nominal Thickness 3″ (76mm)*
Visual Light Transmittance (VLT) 7% – 55%*
Shading Coefficient 0.08 – 0.61*
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) 0.07 – 0.51*
Centre of glass U-Value 0.2-0.055 Btu/hr·ft²·°F
Centre of glass U-Value (SI Units) 0.31-1.14 W/m²·K
Total system U-Value 0.3-0.11 Btu/hr·ft²·°F
Total system U-Value (SI Units) 0.64-1.7 W/m²·K
Sound Transmittance Class (STC) may exceed 52
*Subject to glass, insulating core and veil combination.
Standard panel size 8’x3’(2,440 mm x 915 mm)