Baldwin and Franklin Architects Create a Better Practice Space for the Toronto Raptors

Skylights are a powerful tool to bring daylight deep into spaces where sidelight can’t go. But daylight through clear skylights can create intense glare. This is easily fixed by using Solera engineered light diffusers. This is an easy way for designers to create truly great spaces. Here we look at the Toronto Raptors’ practice space, by Baldwin and Franklin Architects.

Toronto Raptor Training Facility

OVO Athletic Centre - Mississauga, Ontario

Sports facilities rely on natural daylight for athletes to create the best conditions to practice and play in – and the NBA team, the Toronto Raptors, are no exception. The OVO Athletic Centre is a top-tier training facility made practicing sports and the building owner wanted natural daylight to occupy many areas of this building – especially in the locker room. The locker room space is lifted by natural daylight to help team players feel their best both before and after practice. The massive spherical skylights (and the two basketball courts) have Solera engineered daylight diffusers to capture and control daylight deep into the space for a beautiful and diffused space.

Raptor locker room

Deigned by Baldwin & Franklin Architects Inc., "the goal with this new training centre was to deliver one of the top facilities of its kind in sports.” – Bob Hunter, Chief Project Development Officer for Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment. By using innovative design encompassing natural daylight, the OVO Athletic Centre developed “a winning culture is built around complex social, physiological and financial modeling – around data management, biometrics, nutrition, conditioning, performance analytics, talent evaluation.” says Baldwin & Franklin Architects Inc.

Collaborating with Guernsey, a US based firm, we worked closely with team management to refine needs, meet budgets, and consolidate resources – to create a state-of-the-art Canadian facility that would foster success. The project was completed in time for the Raptor’s spectacular playoff run in 2016.” says Baldwin & Franklin Architects Inc.

Take a look at the space by clicking on the video link below:

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