Maintaining the integrity of a century old, 10-storey historic property while undergoing a rehabilitation and expansion is no easy feat. Now, add the challenge of maximizing daylight and honouring the artistry of Canada’s premier dance facility—Espace Danse at the Wilder Building in Montreal, Canada. Architects Lapointe Magne and Associates and Aedifica’s end work is a unique and whimsical masterpiece.

At Advanced Glazing Ltd, we were thrilled that our SOLERA®  product line was chosen as one of core materials used in this project. Parts of the academies have no artificial light, so controlling the density of daylight was critical. SOLERA®  helped achieve this while also improving the thermal performance of the building, attaining a silver certificate in energy efficiency.

“Unique patterns were used through a fired-on silk screening method over the SOLERA®  to identify the dance groups and to diminish heat gains within the dance studios. This optimizes the energy efficiency of the overall building, maximizes daylight and reduces the heat map,” shares Robert Magne of Lapointe Magne and Associates.

“We were very pleased with how this project came together. This was a very complex project. We wanted to ensure it was done right while honouring the heritage of the location and the current building. SOLERA®  was the perfect choice. Now, as you walk around the exterior of the building, the colours and dimensions are constantly changing depending on where the light lands on it.”

Light diffusion is a desired interior design technique and is by far the most effective method for creating a comfortable and visually pleasing naturally-lit environment. It’s not the light itself that impacts an environment, but the systems and materials that accompany and interact with the light that produce this affect. Diffusion breaks straight beams of light from the source, scattering them in different directions and producing a glow, rather than a shine. Its purpose is to mimic soft natural light from the sun (diffused naturally by clouds and the atmosphere), eliminate harsh shadows, offer larger expanses of continuous illumination and ultimately improve aesthetics and occupant comfort. Diffused light does not always mean less light. Most methods and degrees of light diffusion yield a bright and useful space, with less intensity. Contrast and uneven illumination are completely eliminated.

Architects Lapointe Magne and Associates and Aedifica partnered to create a space fit for Canada’s premier dance companies. Combining Advanced Glazings Ltd.’s SOLERA®  T-R5 with stunning silkscreens created a unique and whimsical affect that provides the perfect natural light. 

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