Experience Solera® light diffusing insulated glass units.

We understand the challenges you face when designing a daylighted space. Building constraints, budgets and sourcing materials to integrate into your design can be difficult to overcome. We want to help you find the perfect daylighting solution for your building.

You want to include natural daylight. But you don’t want the glare, over heating, or bolt-on solutions that attempt to deal with glare.

Solera was designed to help you successful address these problems and create the ultimate daylighted spaces.

Configurable to meet your needs:

R2.2 to R25   |   0-62% VLT

U-Values from 0.47 to 0.04

Explore Solera Configuration Options

Exceptional Quality Daylight

  • Solera units are engineered daylight diffusers. This means that they transform raw sunlight into soft, gentle, practical daylight that fills your entire space
  • This gives you all the benefits of natural light without the glare and pain that causes so many daylighting projects to fail
  • Transforming sunlight requires glaizing with high light diffusing power
  • A great daylighting space must also be energy efficient and this requires exceptional insulation value
  • Insane insulation values up to R25.
  • With Solera, not only do you get to choose the amount of daylight you want, but you also get to choose the amount of insulation you want too
  • Solera is available in a range of insulation values from R2.2-R25

Highly Customizable – One Size Does Not Fit All

  • We can help you with deign decisions by using Radiance daylight design software to model your space
  • This will help you choose the glass, color, shape, size and how much daylight
  • We have a number of Insulation values available to meet your energy efficiency goals and budget
  • You can choose conventional framing curtainwall or our unique SoleraWall System that clads directly over primary framing giving you lower cost, improved thermal efficiency, faster build, an elegant frameless, and an unobstructed look
  • New Construction or Retrofits

Inherent Longevity of Glass

  • Glass is permanent and will not yellow or deteriorate  
  • Solera® is UV-stable and includes a warranty against color change for greater peace-of-mind.


  • Compatible to many sustainable building certifications including LEED, BREAM, Well and Fit Well.

See the impact Solera makes in this daylighted space

Move the slider back and forth to see the impact of Solera® on this daylighted space.

The image on the left has vision glass and you can see the poor distribution natural daylight. The left side is dark and is plagued with uncontrolled light and glare.

The contrast causes glare and pain for occupants. The image on the right is Solera. You can see the impact Solera has on this space. The daylight is now controlled, uniformly distributed, thus eliminating glare, hot spots and thermal discomfort.

The end result is a space that works and is a much better space for humans to occupy. Some of the most common spaces where Solera® shines include:

  • Libraries
  • Lobbies
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Terminals
  • Offices/ Classrooms
  • Galleries & Exhibits
  • Atriums
  • Indoor Sports Facilities

What is Light Diffusing Power and why is it important for you to consider in your design?

Light Diffusing Power is a proprietary measurement and rating system we developed to enable architects and building designers to compare the light diffusing ability of various glasses and coatings. Light Diffusing Power assigs a number from the light diffusing ability of a glass or coating. The higher the number, the better the light diffusing ability is.

By using Light Diffusing Power, you can choose the best light diffusing product combination for your project. We can help you choose the right Light Diffusing Power so you can see the difference of controlled and uncontrolled daylight.

Video: Solera® Visible Light Transmission Comparison
Standard Vision Glass
  • Significantly lower light diffusion power
  • Little to no light dispersion
  • Creates shadows and dark spots due to sun position
  • Persistent glare
Solera® Insulated Glass Daylighting Units
  • Extremely high light diffusion power
  • Consistent light dispersion throughout irregular spaces
  • Reduction in shadows, regardless of sun position

Components of Solera® Insulated Glass Daylighting Units

The Best of Both Worlds: Unsurpassed Daylight and Insulation with Aerogel

Why should you consider using Solera®?

Solera® not only offers amazing daylight and insulation, our engineered daylight diffusers also offer the following:

  • Unsurpassed thermal insulation
    • R-value of 8 per inch
    • U-value of .64W/m2K per 25mm
  • Reduced solar heat gain/loss
  • Increased natural light transmission
    • 75% per 3/8″, 80% per cm
  • Decreased energy consumption
    • Heat, A/C, Lighting, Ventilation, Carbon Emissions
  • Superior, glare-free light diffusion
  • Unmatched moisture resistance
    • 100% hydrophobic
  • Improved acoustic performance
  • Exceptional color stability and insulation performance

Solera® Product Models and Configurations

Seamlessly integrating with any standard curtain wall or glass framing system, Solera® allows specifiers to precisely configure and control light diffusion, visible light transmittance, and solar heat gain properties while achieving superior acoustic performance and thermal insulation up to R25. Contact us to explore configuration options.