Sydney, NS – 23 years ago, Dr. Douglas I. Milburn, an mechanical engineer from Sydney, NS had a vision to develop an environmentally sustainable product line that maximizes natural daylight in buildings. With this vision, Doug, alongside his wife, Michelle, launched Advanced Glazings Ltd (AGL). Today, AGL is preparing to make the final shipment of its largest single contract to date more than 8,900 kilometers across the Atlantic Ocean to Kuwait. The total project included 20 containers of 1126 glazing units.

AGL is supplying its proprietary SOLERA® and Aerogel glass products to the Sabah Al-Salem Kuwait University’s newest campus—an aggressive build to create 14 different colleges on one campus and the largest University Complex in the Gulf Cooperative Council. AGL Provides their product to the College of Business building. To put the scope of this project into perspective, the building is comparable to the size of the Empire State Building on its side.

This project is a partnership between contractors and architects from China, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, the United States and, with our participation, Canada,” says Doug Milburn, Founder AGL. “Our role was to manufacture glass for a single 40,000 square foot skylight that maximizes natural light, while minimizing the heat transferred from Kuwait’s very hot climate that peaks at 48 degrees Celsius.”

AGL’s SOLERA® and Aerogel product line is unique in its ability to distribute light evenly, while providing four times the insulation performance of commercial standard “high performance” glass units. This means buildings that use SOLERA® and Aerogel products are bathed in natural light and are extremely energy efficient and cost effective to heat and cool.

“We’ve been working on this project since 2012 and made our first shipment in February of 2017. For our team, this is a big day. I’m extraordinarily proud of how our team has come together and worked tirelessly to bring this project to life,” says Michelle Milburn, COO AGL. “Since we launched AGL in 1995, we have strived to disrupt and influence the design and build industry. Our goal was to prove that you can reap all of the benefits of natural daylighting, while remaining sustainable and cost effective. Today’s final shipment is a solid affirmation that this vision has come true.”

Advanced Glazings Ltd. was founded in 1995, by Dr. Doug and Michelle Milburn to develop, manufacture and market, sustainable and commercially viable technologies related to sunlight. Since inception, AGL has been partners on projects throughout Canada, the United States, Europe and the Middle East.

Media contact:
Michelle Milburn
COO, Advanced Glazings Ltd.