Advanced Glazings engineered Solera® from the ground up to solve recurring challenges architects face when daylighting spaces.

Visual Comfort

Daylighting done well produces visual comfort. Glare is eliminated. Light intensity is even. Eyes never strain to reveal detail in a space.

R25 Insulation – Thermal Comfort & Performance of the Building Envelope

Daylighting done well doesn’t compromise the thermal efficiency of a building envelope. With the right product, daylighting can actually enhance thermal efficiency.

Light Diffusion: Light Distribution and Redirection

Daylighting done well permits sunlight to penetrate deep within a space, not merely along its perimeter. Glare caused by the sharp contrast between light and dark is eliminated, creating well-lit interiors for occupants.


Daylighting done well comes in the form of insulated translucent glazings that provide the highest thermal performance requirements with a very small environmental footprint.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Daylighting done well should not necessitate the use of costly passive daylighting controls such as interior blinds or exterior sunshades.

Light Diffusing Power from Advanced Glazings

Selecting the right glazing is critical to effective and beautiful daylighting. Our advanced measurement and rating system can help you easily compare light diffusing glass products.

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