It’s known as one of the most respected cultural landmarks in the Caribbean, is home to more than 4,500 iconic works of art, and attracts tens of thousands of tourists annually…the Museo de Arte in Ponce, Puerto Rico is a brilliant showcase of design and daylighting by renowned architect Edward Durrell Stone.

The museum was completed in 1965 and was funded by founder, Mr. Luis A Ferré Aguayo,

who requested that Stone “… express with his simple and calm lines the stately spirit of Ponce; and that, being modern, it was, in addition, serenely classic. ” (

Natural light is perhaps the star of the design and honours the light of the Caribbean.

In 2010, Advanced Glazings Ltd. (AGL) was excited to be chosen as a supplier for the restoration of the original building, which consists of two levels and seven hexagonal galleries

on the second floor. The unique roof is comprised of a geometric pattern of recessed triangles. Seven skylights are amongst the triangles, offering ample natural light to illuminate the galleries and artwork – this is where AGL’s Solera product was featured.

Solera was used to diffuse the natural light, ensuring the perfect level of light to view the artwork, while complimenting the legendary architecture.

Matthew Tanteri, who is now an Associate Principle and Daylighting Practice Leader with HLB Lighting Design, was the daylighting expert on this project.

This is a great example of the power of daylighting. Daylighting has transformed the space and really brought the paintings back to life,” says Tanteri. “Using AGL’s Solera product allowed us to diffuse the natural light and provide a near consistent level of illumination. The end result maintains the integrity of the design, but it also was the most cost-effective solution. It controls the intensity of light and UV rays to preserve the paintings and provide a premium viewing experience. Also, electric lighting isn’t needed during the day, because the region has clear skies the majority of the time.”

Tanteri adds that AGL’s product was chosen “because we were able to perform accurate radiance modeling and achieve our preferred VLT in glazing to dial in the exact transmittance of light we needed.”

Mueso de Arte
Ponce, Puerto Rico

Edward Durrell Stone

Product(s) Used
Solera® L
Shading Coefficient
0.20 Btu/hr·ft²·℉