10,000 Square Feet of Motivation:

How SoleraWall® and daylighting done well transformed a workplace (and workforce)

More natural light. Improved air quality. A healthier work environment. This was Glenn Stevens’ focus when he took on project management for a 10,000 square foot expansion to one of Protocase Inc’s manufacturing facilities in Sydney, Nova Scotia.

We had a three very clear goals when we took on this expansion: improve efficiencies, productivity, and working conditions for staff,” says Glenn Stevens, Project Manager, Protocase Inc. “When we talked about how to achieve this, it came back to more space, a need for natural light and better air quality. Space is easy – we add square footage. We bought equipment to help with air quality. But natural light was the one we had to think about. We didn’t want to plaster the building with windows, because we knew we would get too much glare and solar heat gain. It was a little symbiotic that at the same time we were planning this project, Advanced Glazings Ltd. was getting ready to pilot SoleraWall®.”

For decades, the benefits of natural light on productivity, mood, and overall health have been studied and proven. As big believers in the theory that happy employees are productive employees, daylight became a pivotal feature in Protocase Inc.’s expansion – both in design and functionality. Advanced Glazings Ltd.’s SoleraWall® is ultimately what helped Protocase Inc. achieve this vision.

SoleraWall® is a frameless, insulated glass daylighting system. Its unique, self-supporting system means a seamless source of natural, glare free, and color correct daylight. As an added bonus, the innovative glass corners make SoleraWall® appear to seamlessly wrap around the three sides of this addition.

This expansion nearly doubled the size of the now 23,000 square foot production facility. Stevens explains:You can’t help but feel your mood elevate when you walk from the original building, which was part of a former steel plant, to the new space. The flood of natural light reaches every corner of our plant, creating a really uplifting environment.”

Even on the dreariest days, the light in this building is well-distributed and beautiful,” adds Stevens. “Immediately, we noticed a shift in our staff and office morale. They’re happier, more motivated and are, ultimately, producing their best work faster.”